New Youth Centre IVIDU Opened in Akmenė


At the beginning of the year, Baltisches Haus and Public Institution Akmenės Jaunimo Centras signed a Cooperation Agreement, under which the company handed over to the public institution as support the building located at Dariaus ir Girėno St. 11 in Akmenė. Less than half a year later, Public Institution Akmenės Jaunimo Centras invited Akmenė’s community to the opening of the IVIDU youth centre.

According Dr. Inga-Urbonaitė-Vadoklienė, a co-founder of Public Institution Akmenės Jaunimo Centras and author and manager of various creative projects, the youth centre will host cultural and educational events, hackathons, feature a gallery and media library, and serve as a space for generating ideas for community-based businesses.

There are currently 4,000 children under the age of 18 living in the whole of Akmenė District; however, up to now, the district had now space for the youth to get together and spend quality free time. We are excited about this initiative and hope that IVIDU will become a place where new projects are born, the youth of Akmenė can spend their free time in a meaningful way, and community-based businesses get developed.

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