Architect A. Gvildys: “We preserved everything we could to uncover and discover to be of the most value from the Baroque period”


For a long time, a huge building complex “Bokšto skveras” sitting at the intersection of Bokšto and Išganytojo Streets has been just another abandoned area of the capital. The attention of the residents of Vilnius was drawn to this object only when the complex was acquired by the businessmen and patrons well-known in Lithuania, the Ortiz brothers, and heavy construction machinery entered the area of the complex.

Up until that moment, for the past seven years, the most extensive and comprehensive archeological surveys ever conducted in the Old Town of Vilnius took place. Only the territory of Vilnius Lower Castle was explored in such detail. Part of the reconstructed Baroque spaces with cultural heritage status will be used for office rent. In the rest of the premises, a restaurant will be soon opened, later, a day SPA will offer its services, an event hall will be set up in the former chapel, green public areas will be opened to the city, and apartments for rent will be equipped.

Please read an interview with Antanas Gvildys, the architect and the head of architectural bureau Archinova, about the revival of “Bokšto skveras”. The interview is available in November issue of the magazine “Statyba ir Architektūra” at:

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