Panevėžys City Municipality has received more than EUR 120,000 in support


Baltisches Haus and Panevėžys City Municipality have signed a support agreement according to which the company will finance the technical design of the new bus station and ensure construction supervision services. The total amount of support is EUR 123,000.

The technical design worth EUR 100,000 will be prepared according to the vision of Rolandas Palekas, winner of the National Prize for Culture and Art, and will be transferred as an asset to Panevėžys City Municipality free of charge with all ownership rights. An additional amount of EUR 23,000 will be used to ensure construction supervision.

The agreement was signed with the approval of Panevėžys City Municipal Council after the Service of the Government Representative confirmed that the technical design of the new bus station is in compliance with the laws and is lawful.

“For more than a couple of decades we have been developing commercial properties in Panevėžys and renting premises for local businesses. At the same time, we are contributing to the improvement of urban infrastructure and the renovation of public spaces. We are also the owners of the site and the shopping centre which is located near the current bus station. We are concerned that the territory of the bus station located the neighbourhood would retain its value, be in good order and attractive to the residents and guests of the city, and the station itself would remain in this location,” says Mr. Audrius Masionis, Director of Baltisches Haus, UAB.

Baltisches Haus, UAB had plans to build the bus station at its own expense back in 2015 according to a vision developed by Rolandas Palekas, but, due to opposition from local politicians, these plans had to be abandoned.

“Despite the fact that we did not have the opportunity to implement the vision of the new bus station, we will give the city the technical design of the new bus station as a support and ensure construction supervision. By providing support, we strive to ensure that the space adjacent to the shopping centre we own would be properly maintained,” Mr. A. Masionis tells.

“The project of one of the most prominent Lithuanian architects Rolandas Palekas has been selected by the residents of Panevėžys as the most anticipated project for the renovation of the city. Once implemented, the station will undergo a dramatic change, making it an attractive space representing the city. This form of support, given to the city by Baltisches Haus, will significantly contribute to accelerating the implementation of the new Panevėžys bus station project,” Mr. Tomas Jukna, Director of Panevėžys City Municipality Administration, says.

According to T. Jukna, all the necessary documents for the construction of the new Panevėžys bus station have already been prepared and construction should start in 2021.

“The detailed plan of the territory of the bus station has already been prepared and the land plot has been formed on the basis of the detailed plan. Also cadastral measurements were conducted for this plot, and cadastral data documents were prepared. Panevėžys Division of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture handed over the land plot for use free of charge to Panevėžys City Municipality, Land Use for Loan Agreement was concluded,” Mr. T. Jukna states.

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