Information regarding the working hours of shopping centres during the quarantine period


Following the Government’s announcement of an emergency and quarantine due to coronavirus threat for the period of 16–30 March 2020 (quarantine may be extended for a longer period of time), Baltisches Haus adjusts the working hours of all the shopping centres it administers. Taking into consideration the working hours of lessees who are still able to continue their activities, the shopping centres administered by Baltisches Haus will be open to customers daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In compliance with the Resolution of the Government of 14 March 2020, only grocery stores, food markets, pharmacies, optics salons and veterinary products selling activities are allowed during the quarantine period. Catering companies can only operate when food can be taken out or otherwise delivered to customers. All activities that do not require physical customer service at points of sale or service (e.g. e-commerce, ATMs, etc.) are also allowed.

The list of shopping centres administered by Baltisches Haus can be found here:

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