Baltisches Haus is 25!


On 20 October, Baltisches Haus is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For all these years, we have been creating spaces for business and helping our clients in fulfilling their dreams.

The Company boasts 650 long-term clients, a big number of partners, 260 000 sq.m. spaces for business in tens of the cities and towns in Lithuania, the team of 37 employees - these are our most precious assets that we have managed to acquire in all these years through a lot of sincere work.

“We would like to thank all our former and present colleagues and partners who in the last 25 years with their ideas, knowledge and daily work helped a lot of people in realising their business ideas and joined forces to create a stronger and more beautiful Lithuania. We are proud of being a part of this story of success”,  says Audrius Masionis, director of UAB Baltisches Haus.

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