Introducing the first social partnership publication Creating. Developing. Communicating


The global pandemic has taken our daily lives like a storm, upsetting our carefully envisaged long-term strategies and personal plans. We had to overcome all the emotions and mobilised the team, in order to reassess the situation and re-prioritise our activities.

However, social responsibility in one particular area has never been the subject of debate either last year or this year. We unanimously agreed that, despite the uncertainties, we will continue to pay as much attention to this area as before. Even more so, we got the idea of talking about social partnership to a wider audience and thus encourage them to remember those who are in greater need for help than in normal times.

We have put together thirteen stories about organisations that are committed to art, culture, education and genuine communication in our social partnership publication Creating. Developing. Communicating. These are stories about the determination to pursue one's dreams, about kindness and dedication to one's work, about the inspiration to create a more beautiful and better Lithuania.

After all, the pandemic will end sometime. Meanwhile we, who long for culture and art, will want to return to concert halls, theatres and museums. Children, hungry for live interaction, will be eager to return to educational institutions. Some of us may be seeking for emotional support.

The good news is that we can all contribute and work together to have a place to come back when we already can, and someone to contact when in need. So let us help those whose mission is to create, to educate, to communicate, to survive in these difficult times.

We would highly appreciate if, after reading this publication, you would also contribute to the continuation of the stories.

Link to the e-version of the publication:

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