Sports Park in the Community of Raudondvaris


Sports Park in the community of Raudondvaris and a certificate of gratitude to Baltisches Haus for partnership.

Taking into consideration the needs of community and local initiatives in the Kaunas district, a roundabout crossing was installed in Noreikiškės and financing was provided for the wastewater project in Gėlių street, Ramučiai village during the past several years. This year a 280,000 litas was allocated for the installation of a sports park, a modern basketball court and tennis courts at Raudondvaris gymnasium (Kaunas district). On 21 November, in a ceremony to honour the business people who made the greatest contribution to create the well being in Kaunas district, held at Raudondvaris Manor, the staff of Baltisches Haus UAB received a certificate of gratitude for partnership. 

When developing real estate projects and creating business infrastructure Baltisches Haus pays exceptional attention to the increase in added value to the local communities.

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