Creative forum “ROUSE THE STONES”, Akmenė


Real estate development in regions of Lithuania may become a real challenge, especially in peripheral and high-risk areas such as Akmenė. Some buildings in Akmenė owned by Baltisches Haus, UAB have not been used for a long time. Since purchase or lease options have not been exercised yet, the decision was made to take quite unusual activation measures. Objective: Determine the factual need in Akmenė District by taking into account the local supply of human resources, the district potential, the economic situation and the existing (or missing) services. 

At the initiative of Baltisches Haus, and in cooperation with the public company Idėjos Miestui, the community of Akmenė and the Ministry of Culture creation Progress Forum “Rouse the Stones” held on 14-22 July. It was a series of workshops, seminars and events intended to promote creativity in Akmenė eldership. The Forum programme was designed to help the community identify creative activities that would contribute to future activation of abandoned buildings located in the centre of Akmenė.

Public debates on activation of abandoned buildings began last year in summer. Together with the public company Idėjos Miestui, Baltisches Haus initiated a series of meetings and seminars with the local community in Akmenė, as well as representatives of the Akmenė district municipality. The main topic of the discussions were the abandoned buildings located at Dariaus ir Girėno g. 11 and Stoties g. 28. One of the objectives of the Forum was to open inactive spaces for the general public, and together with professional lecturers, to inspire local entrepreneurs and artists to take action and become residents of these buildings.

The Forum featured several exhibitions of visual arts: Z. Kazėnas' photo exhibition, light installation by the creative group Idėjos Miestui (Inga Urbonaitė, Gerda Antanaitytė and Marius Ščerbinskas), and artistic installations by Irma Leščinskaitė, Žaneta Jasaitytė and Daiva Dašenkovienė. There were also artistic and creative workshops, and a performance by jazz musicians Mindaugas Vadoklis, Kęstutis Sova, Žygimantas Bačkus, Mantas Liutikas and Viačeslavas Krasnioporovas. The essential points of the Forum programme were the workshops relating to creative thinking and new product/service development. Its purpose was development of people-centred services. During the Forum, the artist and illustrator Artiom Brančel created wall paintings on the facades at Dariaus ir Girėno g. 28. 

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