Shopping and service complex in Kėdainiai


On 16 December 2016, a newly modernized shopping and service complex was opened in Kėdainiai, J. Basanavičiaus g. 89A. The following stores were opened in this shopping pavilion named “Basanavičiaus 89” – pharmacy “Camelia”, liquor store “XXL gėrimai”, and stationery store “Charlot”. Three clothing stores “Fashionista”, “etikete J”, and “Ananda” located in this complex invite their visitors to keep up with the fashion, while those with unique style may choose from a wide range of fabrics, knitting yarn, and haberdashery goods in A. Skorupskienė’s store.

Renewed auto and tire service “Automontas” located in the other part of the shopping pavilion “Basanavičiaus 89” offers wheel alignment, changing, and repair services. And to avoid being bored, visitors of the tire service and the pavilion are invited to please their tummies with delicious “Piko pica” pizzas or crispy chicken bites.

We congratulate our customers on the opening and would like to invite everyone to visit shopping pavilion “Basanavičiaus 89”.

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