The facade of IKI Gardino 2 Supermarket in Šiauliai is in the catalogue of the world-famous company


The recently renovated building of IKI Gardino2 Supermarket gained recognition of the international, world-famous company Promesh GmbH. The latter company chose the supermarket as expositional example of the application of its products. In the latest catalogue of the company, the originally-shaped building of IKI Gardino2 Supermarket is depicted as a successful and original facade design solution, in which the innovative products of Promesh GmbH – the wall of stainless steel ring mesh was applied. In daytime, 500 sq.m. aluminium 3D wall attracts attention by its own natural reflections, while in the dark hours, it gets even more impressive: thanks to the integrated LED technologies, the stainless steel ring mesh gives an impression of an ever-changing facade, the wall lighting transforms into clearly visible curtain of soft colours. The IKI Gardino2 Supermarket designed by architect Marius Mateika and Architektūros  ateljė  UAB is exhibited next to the other buildings that have gained numerous appreciations by the architects, such as: Swarovski Museum in Austria, and Number 1 Blight Street office building of unique architecture in Australia.

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