Rugby Becoming More Popular in Lithuania


The fact that Rugby is becoming more popular in Lithuania attracted the attention of our “Baltisches Haus” team. This time, we would like to celebrate the great work and achievements of the oldest active rugby club “Geležinis Vilkas” (founded in 1963), which became our social partner in 2014.
Founders of the rugby club remember that the beginnings of rugby in Lithuania were not easy, but they had plenty of enthusiasm and stubbornness. At the sole initiative of the club founders, 2 abandoned stadiums in Vilnius, located at the Verkiai Special School and Vingis Park, were renovated and adapted to the sport of rugby without any state or municipal support! Currently, the “Geležinis Vilkas” club brings together 130 rugby players. Teams of all age groups - children and veterans - participate in competitions.
As “Geležinis Vilkas“ celebrates its 55th anniversary next year, we would like to wish them firm commitment and many victories in the future, and invite all those interested in this team sport to visit their Facebook account:\


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