New Baltisches Haus UAB project: Modern Žuvintas Market opens in Alytus, capital of Dzūkija


August 18 was not just an ordinary Friday in Alytus. From the early morning, the locals’ curiosity was piqued by the scent of delicious meat being fried and a cheerful buzz. It was a special occasion – the opening of the new Žuvintas Market, initiated and founded by Baltisches Haus UAB.

Those visiting the market’s opening celebration were sure to have a blast, with a roasted pig, gifts, prizes and surprises awaiting, as well as, of course, a huge cake.

“The citizens of Alytus will not be disappointed in our investment. We wanted to renew the building, and that’s what we did,” Modestas Grumblys, the market’s director says.

The marketplace has been substantially renovated – the windows replaced, the façade repainted, a lift installed for the convenience of the disabled, and an additional entrance constructed. A far more spacious car park with more parking spaces was built next to the market and a more convenient passage was made for the sellers bringing fresh products every morning.

The new-format market, having replaced the former IKI shop, is already set to become one of the most visited places in Alytus according to the locals gathered under its roof and the operators of diverse services and products. The Prezo bakery is now open for business, while Magomedo mėsinė (Magomedas Butcher’s), which will delight food lovers and gourmets, offers a range of meat products.

The market also houses Gintarinė vaistinė (Amber Pharmacy), Baldai, vaizdo ir garso technika (Furniture, Video and Audio Equipment), Gėlės (Flowers), XXL gėrimai (XXL Drinks) and, of course, as the market’s name Žuvintas (from the word ‘žuvis’, meaning ‘fish’) suggests, Žvejybos reikmenų parduotuvė (Fishing Store).

We are delighted that the citizens of Alytus are pleased with the new market. We hope it will not only provide quality goods and excellent service but also put everyone in a great mood.

See you at Žuvintas!


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