The capital city’s first bike park is located in Balsiai


In spring, “ŽALI” shopping and service centre will invite the public to try out the new “Pump Track” bike park. This special track adapted to cyclists of various age groups and skill levels has already been installed in Balsiai and will be opened in March at the same time as the shopping centre.

The bike park, designed at the initiative of Baltisches Haus, consists of turns, low and higher jumps, and different slopes for developing speed. Various plants will be planted in the bike-park surroundings to make it attractive and set out its limits. According to the authors, everyone who can control their body in the right way can finish the entire track without pedalling. “ŽALI” bike park consists of two sections: a small track for the little ones (length: 33 m, area: 134 m²), located near the children’s playground, and a large track for passionate wheeled-vehicle buffs of all age groups and skill levels. Its length: 222 m, area: 600 m². This asphalt track is unique as it is available for anyone wanting to try it out, unlike similar skateboarding parks. The track welcomes all visitors regardless of their skill level or vehicle used.

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