Single telephone number and prompt answers to questions


The beginning of the New Year marks the launch of one of the new projects at Baltisches Haus UAB. From January 2, for the convenience of its customers, the Baltisches Haus UAB Customer Information and Support Centre launched operations. On calling the phone number 8 700 400 20, all issues will immediately be registered and passed on to the employees responsible for solving them.

The objective of the Information and Support Centre is to hear, understand and respond to problems faced by customers as quickly as possible. So, to show our gratitude for their long-term partnership and patience, we kindly ask our customers to contact us via the new phone number 8 700 400 20 (facility maintenance in rented premises, uncertainties regarding issued invoices or administration of rental agreements, and also any recommendations or suggestions).

Please note that charges when calling 8 700 400 20 will not change (charged according to fees determined by your mobile network operator).

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