A glimpse to what has already been done...


IKI Shopping and Leisure Centre Žali will open its door very soon, while works are now in full swing both inside and outside the centre. Žali spaces are being completed with important elements like a puzzle – from cash registers and refrigerators to independent bicycle repair centre. Life will soon be vibrant here together with upcoming spring. We are in particular happy for being able to surprise our young visitors of the SLC Žali. A separate play area is installed at the centre for the joy of children's discoveries and adventures. Žali playground is special as all facilities are made of debarked locust embracing the colours, shapes and strengths of nature in it. Despite being flexible, it is also very solid and durable. This tree will patiently withstand various games of children and will colour them in green energy of nature. We would like to invite you to have a look to what has already been done.

The future shopping centre Žali in Balsiai, Vilnius will be opened and invite its visitors from the 28th of March.

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