SSC Žali’s Floating Crossing


The recently opened SSC Žali in Balsiai never ceases to amaze. This time the focus is on pedestrians, and in order to ensure their safety a 3D crossing has been designed. At a certain angle it looks like it’s floating, with the best 3D image seen from the first traffic lane. This is the second crossing of its kind in Vilnius and the first in the vicinity of a shopping centre installed to ensure the safety of pedestrians. We hope that the crossing will heighten the attention of drivers and that pedestrians will feel safer when crossing the street.

Soon a playground will be opened near SSC Žali, the installation of which has followed principles of safety, uniqueness and ecology. The equipment for the playground was made of debarked robinia wood, full of natural colours and shapes. This wood will not only withstand children’s games but also bring the green energy of nature.

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