Baltisches Haus – Dream Employer 2018


Today, at the conference Personnel 2018, the year’s most desirable employers were announced and awarded. An article in the business daily “Verslo žinios” reveals that this year the employers were selected using a totally different methodology: “The winners were selected according to various financial and brand awareness/reputation indicators instead of relying on public voting.”

Around 2,500 companies were rated, of which the ten best large enterprises (over 250 employees) and small enterprises (202-250 employees) were chosen. Companies that made it into the Top 10 were included in the Mediaskopas UAB survey. The reputations in the media of these companies as employers was evaluated.


For more information, read and view the winners in the Photo Gallery “Most Desirable Employer 2018”

For the second year in a row, the telecommunications company Telia Lietuva AB was the most desirable large employer. In the category of small enterprises, the agricultural business Linas Argo AB celebrated victory. In addition, the most desirable employers in nine separate business sectors were selected.
SEB was the winner in the financial sector, while in transport and logistics Klaipėdos nafta AB came top. Felit UAB was the most desirable employer in   the trade sector.

Baltisches Haus won in the real estate and construction sector.

Sending our thanks and congratulations to the Baltisches Haus Shareholders, CEO and the entire team at the most desirable employer!

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