The first bike park in Vilnius opened in SSC “Žali”


During the weekend, all cyclists gathered in SSC “Žali”. The first bike park in Vilnius was opened here, better known as “Pump Track” among cyclists.

Special 222 meter long track is suitable for cyclists of all ages and skills. However, roller skate, scooter and skateboard enthusiasts will definitely find what to do here as the track consists of small and higher hills and various turns to be enjoyed by them.


“When riding a bike in this track, you feel like pumping your whole body. That’s where it got its name – “Pump track”. I don’t think we can find equivalent name in Lithuanian language. In “Pump Track”, if you are able to control your body in a right way by distributing body weight, you can develop speed and move without pedalling. It reminds of trying to bring swings into motion: when the bike goes down a hill, you propel it even faster, and when cycling uphill, you help climb it. Hands control the front wheel and legs are responsible for the rear wheel. You need to try to bend and extend them in amplitude as wide as possible. You should maintain a straight line between your head and back and the bike together with arms and legs must flow through the hills,” – Linas, the member of “MTB Hopper” team, shared some advice.

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