Refreshed “Iki” store opens in Studlendas


A newly refurbished store owned by the “Iki” retail chain opened its doors in the Studlendas shopping centre managed by Baltisches Haus in Klaipėda on Thursday. Now that the reconstruction is complete, residents can now shop more conveniently and select from a wider range of products. “Iki” invested more than €1.2 million in the modernization of the store, which is located at H. Manto Street 90-1.

To mark the occasion of the opening, other stores and service providers operating in Studlendas also offered special promotions and entertainment to visitors.

The Studlendas shopping centre was the first project in Lithuania to combine the private and public segments of the economy. Opened in 2006, the shopping and services complex is located near Klaipėda University and is popular especially among students. This convenient, airy and modern building provides space for over 50 stores and service centres arranged over two floors.

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