A Gift to the City of Akmenė – a Space for the Youth Centre


Baltisches Haus and the public institution Akmenė Youth Centre (VšĮ Akmenės jaunimo centras) have signed a collaboration agreement according to which the company has transferred a building in Akmenė (Dariaus ir Girėno g. 11) to the public institution as a donation. Previously a canteen and a store, and later a canned-food factory, the building became the property of Baltisches Haus in 2000. Now, with the help of an active community, the building will be transformed into the youth centre IVIDU in Akmenė.

The head and one of the founders of the public institution Akmenė Youth Centre, and author of various creative projects, Dr. Inga Urbonaitė-Vadoklienė, is pleased that a friendship with Baltisches Haus made three years ago resulted in a project that was missing from the life of Akmenė city and the young people of the district.

“Currently, approximately 4,000 children under the age of 18 reside in the Akmenė district. However, until now the district did not have a space for young people to gather and spend their time in a meaningful way. The establishment of the Akmenė Youth Centre IVIDU will create opportunities for innovative and creative young people to act. In addition, we will promote their entrepreneurship, and, hopefully, will be able to involve less active young people. We hope that IVIDU will soon become not only the most important centre of attraction for the young people in Akmenė, but also for the entire community of the city and the district,” – Dr. Urbonaitė-Vadoklienė says.

The author and initiator of the project, Dr. Urbonaitė-Vadoklienė says that the youth centre will host cultural and educational events, including a hackathon, a gallery and media library will be opened, and community-based business ideas will be generated.

According to Dr. Urbonaitė-Vadoklienė, the first events in the new youth centre are likely to be organised in March. Until then, there are plans to adapt the first floor of the building for use and arrange the surroundings.

“We believe in this community idea and hope that with our help and the initiative of the local people of Akmenė, we will soon create a space for new projects, possibilities for young people to spend their leisure in a meaningful way, and the development of community-based businesses,” – Audrius Masionis, the Director of Baltisches Haus says.

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