Baltisches Haus has presented design concepts for the renovation of the Mada shopping centre

Published 2023-01-23

Baltisches Haus has presented design concepts for the renovation of the Mada shopping centre

Baltisches Haus, a commercial real estate development and management company, has submitted design proposals for the reconstruction of Mada shopping centre for public consultation. The last renovation of one of Vilnius’s earliest retail centres, with a nearly 28 000 sq. m floor area, took place ten years ago. Currently, the market environment is being studied and the potential for renewal is being evaluated.

The new aim of Baltisches Haus is to develop a cutting-edge retail and service destination that will revitalise the capital’s Viršuliškės sleeping district, cater to contemporary consumer, tenant, and community demands, create value for them, and establish new social and recreational habits.

Vilnius’s Mada is a well-liked and prosperous retail centre that satisfies the requirements for a neighbourhood shopping centre. However, ten years after the previous renovation, we think it is appropriate to take a break, assess the state of the market, and weigh our possibilities for renewal, Audrius Masionis, Director of Baltisches Haus, says.

The building’s space must adapt as the Viršuliškės district’s urban setting does and as new prospects for cutting-edge engineering and architectural solutions materialise. A modern architectural structure with moderate designs, natural materials, warm colours, and a significant emphasis on nearby public communal areas and green spaces is how the refurbished Mada retail centre is envisioned.

We believe that the redevelopment of the shopping centre will naturally incorporate it into the city’s spaces and turn it into a hub of urban activity. According to Masionis, there is now a critical scarcity of such open communal areas in Viršuliškės and the nearby neighbourhoods.

The Do Architects team is working on the design concepts for the Mada retail centre.

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