Baltisches Haus opens a new shopping centre in Kretinga

Published 2021-09-09

Baltisches Haus opens a new shopping centre in Kretinga

Today, the new Baltisches Haus shopping centre was opened in Kretinga on Šventosios str. 27B. This is the second commercial object of the real estate developer and manager in this city.

The shopping centre with an area of nearly 3,000 sq m will house Rimi supermarket, Pepco, Žalia Stotelė, Camelia, Pet24 and Alynas stores, as well as the flower boutique and home accessories store.

“This project marks further cooperation with the retail chain Rimi and a number of other tenants. We are happy with both our long-term partnerships that have endured several years of cooperation and the new ones,” said Audrius Masionis, Director of Baltisches Haus.

A spacious parking lot with 180 spaces, including an EV charging stations has been installed next to the shopping centre.

At the entrance to the territory of the shopping centre, a new traffic light regulated intersection was built to ensure the safety of road users.

Project contractor – Telšių Statyba, designer – Katedra, technical maintenance carried out by TAEM projektų valdymas.

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