Bokšto skveras – a winner of the Architecture MasterPrize

Published 2023-12-13

Bokšto skveras – a winner of the Architecture MasterPrize

Bokšto skveras has been distinguished as one of the best projects in the international architecture competition Architecture MasterPrize. The complex won in the Heritage category along with three other projects in Canada, Vietnam and Iran.

The Los Angeles-based competition, established in 2015, recognises the world’s best building and landscape architecture projects, interior and product design projects, architects and interior design firms, and exterior and interior photographers.

Discover all this year’s winners at:

The visionary architects behind this project include Studio Seilern Architects (Christina Seilern, Luis Feliciano Monteiro and Povilas Jurevičius), ARCHINOVA (Antanas Gvildys, Sigita Lapienytė and Ingrida Revuckaitė), landscape architects, Buckley Design Associates (Jamie Liversedge) and Terra Firma LT (Ramunė Baniulienė and Linas Ūsas). The interior design of each unique space was crafted by esteemed professionals, including Marius Mateika, architect and interior designer at Baltisches Haus, Akiko Tutlys, architect and interior designer at ArchDesign and the innovative interior design studio.

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