The ISO 50001 certificate has been renewed

Published 2024-03-12

The ISO 50001 certificate has been renewed

Following an independent audit, the ISO 50001 certificate of the Baltisches Haus energy management system has been renewed. The successful audit confirms that the company meets the high standards of global energy use and is able to professionally manage, forecast and reduce the consumption of energy resources.

Sustainable use of energy resources is one of the priority activities of Baltisches Haus. “We regularly implement advanced and environmentally friendly solutions, and the ISO 50001 certificate and its recertification is an assessment of our long-term and purposeful efforts,” said Viktoras Lukaševičius, operations manager at Baltisches Haus.

Lukaševičius notes that in 2023 alone, primary energy consumption in the buildings managed by the company was reduced by 11.9%, compared with average consumption in 2018–2021. The result achieved in 2023 already exceeds the set goal of reduction of primary energy consumption by 10% before 2026. Last year, the consumption of electricity (-8.1%) and energy for building heating (-22.8%), as well as CO2 emissions (-13.7%), decreased significantly.
Another goal – a 5% increase in the share of energy produced and used in the building from photovoltaic solar power plants – is expected to be achieved by 2026 at the latest. This year alone, solar power plants are planned to be installed in 21 of 49 managed buildings.

According to Lukaševičius, the decrease in energy costs was mostly influenced by the renewal of buildings’ engineering equipment and the transition from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Optimisation of microclimate automation processes also had a significant impact on the results achieved. Meanwhile, the decrease in CO2 emissions was mainly due to the decrease in primary energy consumption, in particular gas (-40%).

The certification and recertification audit was performed by a team of auditors from the international company Bureau Veritas. The ISO 50001 certificate is issued for a period of three years. During the annual recertification audit, the auditors evaluate the results achieved, check the proper implementation of the building energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard and decide on the extension of the certificate.

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