Baltisches Haus has been awarded the third BREEAM certificate 2020-06-18

Published 2022-05-20

Baltisches Haus has been awarded the third BREEAM certificate 2020-06-18

The retail building belonging to the commercial real estate development and management company Baltisches Haus, located in Panevėžys, Ragaudžių g. 2, has received international BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate for sustainable buildings, which recognises building management quality and environmental impact. The retail network Rimi is the main tenant in the BREEAM-certified building.

The building received a high rating of “very good” under the BREEAM In-Use certification scheme, with the categories of waste management, water consumption and material use being recognised as the strongest. This is the third BREEAM certificate (and the second this year) awarded to the company Baltisches Haus.

“It is estimated that in many European countries buildings are the largest consumers of energy, and in the European Union, on average, the buildings consume 40% of final energy and generate approx. 36% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Being not only one of the largest developers of commercial buildings in Lithuania, but also electricity buyers, we feel responsible for the surrounding environment and the people working in and visiting the buildings, therefore we intend to continue to focus only on the construction of high energy class and sustainable commercial objects. It is a pleasant coincidence that we can also mark the beginning of cooperation with the retail network Rimi with a certificate of a sustainable and environmentally friendly building,” Baltisches Haus Director Mr. Audrius Masionis said.

According to Mindaugas Žilinskas, Head of the Real Estate Department at Rimi, developing the business in a way that its impact on the environment would be as small as possible is one of the goals that determines both daily and strategic business decisions.

“It is important that our partners, with whom we work together in the implementation of long-term and new development projects, would follow this approach. This is of particular relevance at the moment, when we have set a goal to expand the retail network Rimi up to 100 stores throughout Lithuania by the end of 2023,” Mr. M. Žilinskas told.

In the newly opened shopping centres, as well as in the certified Ragaudžiai Rimi, environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies, such as a CO2 cooling system, a lighting system regulated by motion sensors, are being implemented, and electric car charging stations are installed for customers.

“This shopping centre, opened in Panevėžys at the end of the last year, is the first to be set out in a building built and managed by Baltisches Haus. Such partners encourage us to go even further and look for environmentally friendly solutions for both the employees and the customers,” Mr. M. Žilinskas said.
Baltisches Haus has invested almost EUR 1.7 million in the A+ energy efficiency building occupying over 1,600 m2. In addition to the main tenant, the Rimi store, pharmacy Gintarinė vaistinė, beverage store Vilniaus alus, coffee shop, and flower shop operate in the building. A car parking for 85 cars, as well as two electric car charging stations are installed next to the shopping centre.

In total, six buildings operating in the retail segment have been granted a BREEAM certificate in Lithuania.

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