Baltisches Haus to allocate 150,000 euro in support of cultural and arts organisations

Published 2024-05-08

Baltisches Haus to allocate 150,000 euro in support of cultural and arts organisations

Baltisches Haus invites cultural and arts organisations to submit applications for funding. In total, a sum of 150,000 euro in support will be granted to selected recipients through the competition process.

“Culture and the arts are one of the three strategic areas of support for Baltisches Haus, which we have been endorsing for almost two decades. During this time, we have seen that targeted, consistent, and substantial support can bring about significant changes in culture, the arts, and other supported areas. It is truly gratifying to see small and niche events grow into the most anticipated gatherings of the year in Lithuania, and supported museums becoming symbols, not only of art appreciation, but also of quality leisure activities. In announcing this competition for the first time, we hope to establish new long-term partnerships with proactive, mission-driven cultural and arts representatives who create visible change in society”, said Audrius Masionis, Director of Baltisches Haus.

According to the company’s support policy, 4–5% of net profits are allocated each year for funding purposes. This year, the total support budget of Baltisches Haus amounts to 630,000 euro. Of this, the company has allocated 250,000 euro for education, 140,000 euro for social welfare, and 90,000 euro for cultural and arts organisations supported over several years. The remaining portion of the cultural and arts budget, 150,000 euro, will be distributed to new partners through a competitive process.

All registered cultural and arts organisations in Lithuania with recipient status and engaged in activities in the fields of literature, music, performing arts, applied arts, visual arts, audiovisual arts, interdisciplinary arts and other arts are invited to participate in the competition. The application form and competition rules can be downloaded from the Baltisches Haus website at The deadline for applications is May 24 of this year. The final results are expected to be announced no later than June 30 of this year.

According to data from the State Data Agency, in 2022, registered legal entities in Lithuania provided 159.5 million euro in support to organisations with recipient status, of which 9.2 million euro, or 5.8% of the total support amount, was allocated to the cultural and arts sector. The majority of support, 55.9 million euro (35.1%), was allocated to sports. Almost half of all support in 2022 was provided by companies operating in the wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing sectors, totaling 74.7 million euro (46.9%).

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