Bokšto skveras receives a prestigious design award

Published 2023-05-29

Bokšto skveras receives a prestigious design award

Bokšto skveras, the remarkable complex developed and managed by Baltisches Haus, has received the prestigious D&AD award, a renowned accolade in the design field. The business and leisure complex has been awarded the Yellow Pencil (Gold) in the Spatial Design category.

Among the 31 projects shortlisted in the Spatial Design category this year, only Bokšto skveras was recognised with the coveted Yellow Pencil, symbolising the highest level of excellence. The Graphite Pencil (Silver) was awarded to 5 projects and the Wooden Pencil (Bronze) to 8 projects in the USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and other countries around the world.

“As a testament to its unparalleled design, Bokšto skveras stands out not only in Lithuania but also on a global scale, as confirmed by this distinguished award. Such accolades not only highlight the exceptional work of the project and its creators but also enhance the visibility and reputation of the country and the city as a whole”, explains Raimonda Mailaitė, Marketing Manager of Baltisches Haus.

Over a period of 13 years, including 7 years dedicated to archaeological research, the complex underwent extensive reconstruction, covering an impressive area of over 13,000 square metres.

The restoration of Vilnius’ oldest hospital – which had suffered significant damage during the Soviet era – aimed to preserve the valuable elements such as the building composition, courtyards, Baroque and Gothic features and frescoes. The focus was not to replicate what was lost but to envision a radically modern approach, seamlessly blending historic charm with contemporary design, tailored to the needs of modern individuals. The result is a captivating fusion of styles, where the juxtaposition of Baroque and Gothic architecture with cutting-edge solutions creates a captivating contrast”, says Mailaitė.

Within the complex, one can currently find a range of amenities, including offices, a luxurious day spa, an exquisite restaurant, versatile event spaces and exclusive private apartments.

The architectural vision was brought to life by Studio Seilern Achitects (Christina Seilern, Luis Feliciano Monteiro, Povilas Jurevičius) and ARCHINOVA (Antanas Gvildys, Sigita Lapienytė, Ingrida Revuckaitė), while the landscape design was skillfully executed by Buckley Design Associates (Jamie Liversedge) and Terra Firma LT (Ramunė Baniulienė, Linas Ūsas). Marius Mateika, an architect and interior designer of Baltisches Haus, Akiko Tutlys, an architect and interior designer of ArchDesign, and the interior design studio contributed their expertise to create captivating interior spaces.

D&AD, renowned as one of the largest events in the creative industry, celebrates the most innovative and imaginative designs and advertising solutions across diverse categories. This year, the 61st D&AD Awards witnessed a record-breaking number of entries – nearly 30,000. An esteemed panel of nearly 400 international jury members meticulously evaluated the submissions across 41 categories to determine the worthy winners.

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