Opening of the largest day spa in Vilnius

Published 2022-03-29

Opening of the largest day spa in Vilnius

A new day spa centre, Bokšto SPA, opens in the business and leisure complex Bokšto Skveras in Vilnius Old Town. It is the first day spa in Vilnius with so many spaces for relaxation and many of the attributes that are typical of large day spas located far from Vilnius.

“Such a spacious spa is not a common thing in the city, especially in the historic Old Town of Vilnius, where every stone carries a memory. How to adapt this place and make it open to the needs of modern people and how to synchronise the architecture of the space and the registers of human health, these and similar questions arose during the process of creating the spa. There are basic attributes that a day spa must have: baths, swimming pool, massages. And then there are the things making the service unique: the quality materials used and the hands applying those materials to the human body. We hope that our spa will be a great conductor of energy, health and good mood,” says Jūratė Poškienė, Director of Bokšto SPA.
The day spa is located under the large courtyard of the complex Bokšto Skveras, with a pool space between the buildings featuring a 25 metres long four-lane pool, classical, Himalayan salt and Turkish baths, a cold-water therapy room, a jacuzzi, and a silence room; and the historic 15th and 17th century cellars and adjacent rooms on the perimeter are equipped with body, facial, hand and foot treatment rooms, a hammam, a nearby relaxation room and a garden with a sensory path.

“Our promise to our clients is “Two inches above the daily life”, it is a paraphrase of the Buddhist saying “Two inches above the ground”. It is a meditation practice in which one experiences a state of levitation, as if one were lightly lifted by the wind. We aim for our treatments to bring a state of lightness, clarity and openness, after which a person returns to work having rebooted his or her emotional and mental systems. We have created a special environment for this process, as a place of peace, harmony and relaxation in the middle of the bustle. We open at times of great international tension caused by war. We hope that our work will contribute to reducing anxiety and strengthening the mental balance in our community,” says Poškienė.

The project Bokšto SPA, implemented by the commercial real estate development and management company Baltisches Haus, as well as the entire complex Bokšto Skveras, is a combination of authenticity and modern engineering and architectural solutions.

“When renovating the 1500 sq m spa space, we focused on the principle of optimally revealing the historical architecture and adapting modern solutions to it. Therefore, we adapted the attributes that are important for a day spa, such as treatment rooms, relaxation, changing rooms, a swimming pool, baths, etc., to the existing historical spaces and volumes.

Technologically, this is a very sophisticated project, which has involved an international team of architects and developers,” says Audrius Masionis, Director of Baltisches Haus.

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