We create space for your retail and service business

We have 93 commercial properties or 230,000 sq. m of business space. Shopping centres, car washes, a business and leisure complex, a clinic – that's the range of space we currently have with major retailers, pharmacies, catering chains, sports clubs, medical institutions, the largest network of contactless self-service car washes in Lithuania, IT companies with unicorn aspirations, etc. – 550 new and long-standing customers in total.

The result of 28 years of activity – all the infrastructure needed for business success.

The properties are conveniently located to be developed, leased and sold. An established flow of customers and good accessibility make it easier to reach end-users and meet business targets. We are delivering on the promise we made a few years ago to certify all new shopping centres to the BREEAM In-Use Sustainable Buildings Standard and to achieve a rating of "Very Good" or better. By following this principle, we contribute to more sustainable development and the well-being of people working in and visiting our buildings.
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