Baltisches Haus retail building has been awarded a BREEAM certificate

Published 2020-04-22

Baltisches Haus retail building has been awarded a BREEAM certificate

The retail building belonging to the commercial real estate development and management company Baltisches Haus, located in Lentvaris, Geležinkelio g. 38, has received international BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate for sustainable buildings, which recognises building management quality and environmental impact.

The building received a high rating of “very good” under the BREEAM In-Use certification scheme, with the categories of waste management, material use and transport being recognized as the strongest. This is the second BREEAM certificate awarded to the company Baltisches Haus.

“We understand the challenges posed by the climate crisis, the underestimated impact of buildings on the environment and our responsibility as one of the largest developers of commercial buildings in Lithuania and we intend to continue to focus only on the development of high energy class and sustainable retail facilities. We also plan to certify all future buildings and obtain documents reflecting their sustainability,” Baltisches Haus Director Mr. Audrius Masionis said.

The main tenant in the BREEAM-certified building is the IKI retail chain. One of the new stores in the IKI chain operates here.

“Sustainability of the activities is one of the core values of IKI business activities. We are making efforts for it to encompass all areas – internal processes, employee and community initiatives, development and chain renewal. The construction standard for our stores is based on energy sustainability and ergonomic layout, thus, it is important when buildings are environmentally friendly. We are happy to work with partners who observe the same standards in their activities,” Ms. Nijolė Kvietkauskaitė, the General Manager of the company Palink, which controls the retail chain IKI, said.

Baltisches Haus has invested almost EUR 1.5 million in the 1,600 m2 A+ energy efficiency building. In addition to the main tenant, the IKI store, pharmacy Camelia, casino Tete-a-tete, a customer service department of the insurance company Gjensidige, Omniva self-service parcel terminal operate in the building and ATM is available. There is a car parking lot for 60 cars next to the shopping centre, as well as an electric car charging station.

In total, five buildings operating in the retail segment have been granted a BREEAM certificate in Lithuania.

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