Bokšto skveras – a winner of the prestigious architecture competition

Published 2024-03-28

Bokšto skveras – a winner of the prestigious architecture competition

At the Civic Trust Awards ceremony in Manchester, Bokšto skveras business and leisure complex was recognised as a winner and a recipient of a special prize, awarded to outstanding reconstruction projects implemented in protected areas.

“This is already the sixth high-level international award presented to the Bokšto skveras team in recent years. Last year, the complex made it to the finals of the Dezeen Awards, World Architecture Festival, The Plan Award, and other significant competitions in the architectural community. We are proud that the ambitious reconstruction story of this cultural heritage building is recognised and appreciated on a global level,” says Raimonda Mailaitė, Marketing Manager at Baltisches Haus.

More than 320 projects implemented in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and other countries vied for the title of winner at the Civic Trust Awards. Since 1959, the Civic Trust Awards competition held in the United Kingdom has been the longest-running architectural awards programme in Europe. Over 65 years, more than 7,000 projects have been granted an award.

The reconstruction of the Bokšto skveras, spanning over 13,000 square metres, took thirteen years, with seven of those dedicated to archaeological research. When reconstructing the spaces of the oldest hospital in Vilnius severely damaged during the Soviet era the aim was to preserve what remained valuable: the building composition, courtyards, baroque and gothic elements, and frescoes. Rather than imitating what was lost, the decision was made to design radically modern solutions and adapt these historical spaces to the needs of contemporary society.

The complex currently houses offices, a day spa, a restaurant, event spaces, and private apartments.

The architectural solutions for Bokšto skveras were created by Studio Seilern Architects (Christina Seilern, Luis Feliciano Monteiro, Povilas Jurevičius), ARCHINOVA (Antanas Gvildys, Sigita Lapienytė, Ingrida Revuckaitė), landscape architecture solutions by Buckley Design Associates (Jamie Liversedge), Terra firma LT (Ramunė Baniulienė, Linas Ūsas). The interior design of individual spaces was crafted by architect and interior designer Marius Mateika from Baltisches Haus, architect and interior designer Akiko Tutlys from ArchDesign, and the interior design studio

Link to the winners’ gallery:

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